Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Nange Kannada channa gothilla. Swalpa adjust maadi!

So there it is. I have added a Kannada blog to my rooster of English, Tamil and Hindi blogs. Here I will trace my experiments with Kannada! Well, okay. I understand Kannada to some extent. Courtesy my childhood Kannadiga neighbors and the shared vocabulary with Tamil.

But I can hardly converse in Kannada. And ofcourse I can't read/write. No matter. Here's starting my Kannada blog!


Madhu said...

Good luck

Sathia said...

பிஸி(சூடான) பேளே(பருப்பு) பாத் அல்லவா குரு.

Balaji said...

இது சூடான (bisi) பாலாஜியின் (bala) பேச்சு (baath)!